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Day 2: A Leg Up

Morning report:

I made it through my morning skin/makeup regimen without picking the loose, oozing scab away from That Spot on my chin.

But I wanted to. And as I sat there contemplating why, I heard that inner voice say: "But what if it's infected! It'll never heal if it doesn't drain."

"It will heal," I promised myself. But something about that felt unconvincing. It's red, it's oozy, it was bleeding a little bit, and so far over the morning it hasn't gotten immediately hard and dry like my scabs typically do when they are on their way to healing.

But I won't pick at it. Instead, I'm going to go to the student health center on campus to see if I can get some antibiotics for it.

It is not weak for me to go and seek antibiotic treatment rather than trying to "fix it myself." It is the responsible thing to do. It's a cliche but a good one: I don't have control over whether or not I have that spot on my face, but I have control over how I respond to it.