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Isotretinoin Veteran - Another Sortie



To anyone who wants to read this, I will post weekly updates on my progress of 80mg isotretinoin. Below is my story, initially began on some poor chaps thread which Ive seemed to hijack. Please feel free to message me if you have any queries.

05 April 2013 - 12:24 PM

Hey guys, I'm in a similar boat and thought I'd jump in on this. I too have just began another course of accutane, this time at 80mg per day also. Im 29 and weigh 80 pounds. I have been on Isotretinoin two 'sessions' before, the first time was over 11 years ago at 60mg for 9 months, this cleared me completely but I went into remission after around 3 months. I believe that the acne actually got worse when it did come back - I suffered from it on my face, back, chest and ass; the only difference was I didnt get any on my neck anymore for some reason. I tried years of numerous ineffective treatments; just name it and I tried it - all varities of facial washes and exfoiliants, tea tree oil, witch hazel, african black soap, lemon juice, retin A cream, light and laser thearpy, antibiotics, drastic changes in diet, benzoyl peroxide, zince supplements, Vitamin B5, Ibuprofen etc etc etc.

The second 'sortie' of Isotretinoin for me was over two years ago now. I opted for a lower dose for a longer period and went on 40mg for a year. Though this did improve my complexion, some days were clear-ish, I was not 'cured' entirely. The good news is that my chest and back are entirely clear - but my ass and face remains! And so I have decided to give 80mg a shot - im currently on day 9 and all the usual side effects are well in force. My face is very red, my skin is flakey, particularly around the rims of my nostrels; and yes the dreaded lips - though not cracking yet they are red with the border hard to define.

It is funny you should mention having problems with your eyes Exocet - I too had issues with this and bought some eye drops that did the job great, but i would have to carry them with me everywhere and use them a few times a day - there was one instance in particular, I was actually visiting New York, and was at the top of the Empire State Building, on a sunny day, when suddenly, my vision went! I could not see for a few minutes. I told my buddy and he laughed, but I assured him I wasnt fucking around, I couldnt see! It was like someone had a flashlight directly over my eyes. We sat for a while and my vision, though blurry for a few hours, slowly returned. Anywoo I stopped the treatment for around 4-5 days and then resumed and I was fine after that.

I know some difficult times lie ahead, particularly around week 4-5 where I found previously the initial break out would occur, my lips would take on a life of their own and my face would be very red and scale like but I'm determined to blast this acne condition out of the water. If suffering from these horrible side effects for 4 months or so is the price I have to pay then so be it. I have come to the realisation that this condition has ruled and ruined my life for over 15 years now. Every encounter, every realtionship, every opportunity ive had during this time has been ruined by this disease, with my teenage and twenties years gone. No more!! Good luck all.

09 April 2013 - 01:07 PM

Hi all,

Thought I'd do a quick update on my progress with 80mg per day. As mentioned above im 29 and weigh 80kg. Im currently on day 13 and the side effects are in full swing,though last night and today the redness in my face has began to decrease. My complexion, after just two weeks is also vastly better - I have very few 'new' spots with old ones receeding slowly. The biggest issue I have at the moment is my lips; the corners of my mouth are cut pretty deep and will not heal regardless of how much cream, lotions and potions I put on - it kind of resembles red cold sore marks on each corner. My eyes were also pretty bloodshot a few days ago but that now also seems to have subsided. Another side effect I have noticed is an itcy scalp - cant stop scratching!

Its a long way to go yet but I'm optomisitc that I'll get the results I want. Its just a bitch of a time getting there!

Day 28 - today.

My face is 'clearer' but I do get occasional red marks. My face is a lot less oily. My lips are now the biggest problem - they can become extremely dry - Im having some success with Aquaphor but have to literally apply it every hour or so. There is a redness that persists on my upper lip - it makes the boundry between my skin and lip hard to define, with the consequence of making me resemble an employee of a circus. Feckin annoying. Im also getting random dry patches, particulary on my chin area. I use cetaphil moisteriser and find this to be helpful - though I only use it when I sleep as I hate that greasy feeling. Im also using Murine iritation and redness eye drops as my eye can appear dull, slightly yellow and bloodshot - this stuff does the trick in getting them back to normal. Laregly, I am happy with the treatment so far, however I do still have one problem area that is not responding too well; my ass! I have a few 'new' spots this morning. A fly on the wall would giggle at me looking in the mirror at my own ass, im sure.


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