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Day 19.

DAY 19.

Hey guys, whats up! So i'm currently on day 19 of roaccutane on 20mg a day. I'll just get straight into it.

Side effects:

  • Dry lips
  • Dry skin
  • Breakouts

That's it! My face doesn't look too much better, my cysts have decreased in size and most are almost gone, and i have probably 4 active whiteheads at the moment, some on my jaw and the others on my chin and around my lips, with a few about to come to surface. I have blistex for my lips but it seems to sting more than it helps so now i'm just using Vaseline dry skin total moisture, as I've said before its not a lip balm so it isn't ideal but it helps a lot! apparently licking my lips all the time will make them drier, so thanks for commenting to let me know!

currently some blackheads on my nose have come out and my nose feels amazing. Like better than it has ever felt or looked. Although that's only in one little section and more blackheads are showing up around my nose, and on my nose. Cant wait till they come out.

I haven't been moisturizing my face much lately, it hasn't been too dry and i feel that when it is dry its only the lumps, cysts and pimples that begin to dry off, flake and disappear, which I enjoy. Would moisturizing slow down this process? feel free to give me feedback.

So all in all, its been pretty smooth sailing. Not much has happened other than the dry lips so i can't complain. ALSO i am definitely noticing a lessening in the depth of my scarring! ill keep you guys posted.

Sometime in the near future i hope to see dramatic changes like around the 1 month- 2 month mark, because my skin texture is really depressing me. With my nose becoming so smooth i pray the same happens to my skin. Please let me know how your journeys are going and if your skin has become more smooth on accutane!


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