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Stop Suffering!



This is my first time every writing on one of these sites but I feel I have to spread the great news! I've suffered from comedonal acne (the really small bumps/ clogged pores that are the hardest to treat) for the past 4 years. And let me tell you I've tried EVERyTHiNg! From antibiotic creams to Oral antibiotics, chemical peels, deep facials, numerous cleansers, toners, moisturizers, home remedies, diet change, etc. and just last week my mom told me to try Ganoderma soap. ive been drinking this coffee for months but never thought to buy anything else from the website. At first I didn't want to because I was on a strict regimen from my doctor, but mom told me to stop all those chemicals and try this natural soap for a week and see what happens.....

My bumps are almost completely gone!!!! It seems way to good to be true I know, especially after years of treatments, but nothing I mean absolutely nothing has worked like this! I've also been taking the Ganoderma pills that she gave me and that can possibly be contributing but it's like a miracle! I highly recommend my fellow acne sufferers try this. I know we all have different skin types but I even had quite a few big red pimples and they dried out! I mean if you're like me and kept trying different regimens and crazy chemicals then just give it a try, you have nothing to lose, it may work for you too! People don't understand the embarrassment we go through and I've finally found my cure, it might be yours too! It's not that bad of a price either compared to all the medication and treatments I've done, thousands of dollars later my cure comes from a bar of soap!

All I recommend is a light oil free moisturizer after, and wipe the soap off do just wash it off, water dries out the skin. Use it for body too, I had some acne on my shoulders, gone!

Here is the website I always order my coffee from and now my new soap!

alyssaog.organogold.com click "buy products" and the soap should be towards the bottom. The pills are there also, my energy level is great and it may be helping my acne too. For those of you with dry skin, I tried the lotion and my skin is super smooth. Anyway, The only thing I've changed in my daily routine is my new soap and those pills. I've stopped all of my treatments and chemical creams.

Please keep me posted if you decide to try this miracle!! Hope this helps

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Your emotion is exactly how I feel about amoxicillin. Keep spreading the good news!

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