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Day 1

My acne is extremely unpredictable. I can have beautifully clear skin for a week and then BAM, four large, painful cysts appear overnight. My acne is not at all severe, but there are definitely days when I feel like it is. Also, the scarring from these wonderful surprise culprits can last months (some have lasted years) I've been trying just about everything since I turned 18 (Now 20) but I think I might have found something that actually works. Right now I have three cysts (mid cycle hormones) and am hoping that with my new regimen they will be gone by next week. :)

My Regimen:



Wash Face with Natural Grainy Honey and a drop of AHA cleanser. Leave honey on while showering.

Tone: Rice Vinegar, diluted with water and Thayers Rose Water Witch Hazel.

Spot: Diluted Tea Tree oil and Honey (If I have time in the morning, I will let queen helene's mint julep mask soak into the cyst for an hour or so)

Moisturize: Jojoba oil.

Cosmetics: Physicians formula Rx concealer, green mineral primer & Loreal True Blend foundation.


OCM with Jojoba oil.

Tone: Rice vinegar, diluted with water and Thayers Rose Water Witch Hazel. If skin is clear, I will just use witch hazel.

Spot: Tea Tree oil if the infection is bad, Queen Helen's mint julep mask or Organic honey.

Moisturize: Jojoba oil.


Zinc & Selenium.


Exercise! Little-no coffee, absolutely no diary, little gluten & Coconut oil.


Recommended Comments

I have the same problem - I usually only have one or two spots at a time but the red marks last forever.:( I haven't excluded anything from my diet yet, but I don't eat much dairy or gluten anyway. My last 2 spots came 2 days after I ate yogurt though, so haven't eaten any since!

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