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Day 93 Of Accutane. They Switched My Brand?



So I don't really have any updates on my skins progress since its the same as a few days ago but I have a story about getting my new prescription.

So for the last three months I've been on Claravis even though my dermatologist gave me a prescription for Absorbica. So they first month this happened I told him they put on that instead and he said it was fine. But every time I get a new prescription from him for Absorbica I always get Claravis. And every time I go into his office they're always like "so you've been on Absorbica for 3 months now" and I'm like "no I've been on Claravis for 3 months now" And yet every time they give me a prescription for Absorbica and the pharmacy always gives me Claravis. But this month I went to the pharmacy and they gave me Absorbica and I told them I've been on Claravis for the past 3 months why am I all of a sudden getting Absorbica and they were like its what the prescription says! And I was like it says that every time and you always give me Claravis! And they made a huge deal out if it and they couldn't even give me my full prescription because they only carried 40mg and I'm suppose to have a 40mg box and a 20mg box.

Then the lady went on to tell me that I'm suppose to have severe acne to go on this medicine and that I should have tried many different topicals and antibiotics before that. And I'm just thinking that this lady has no clue what I have tried and she's not my doctor. So I don't know what her business was telling me that.

But I don't even know if I'm allowed to just switch medications like that halfway through my course! And I don't even have all my medication yet I have to pick it up Tuesday! And if they give me a hard time picking it up I'm going to be so mad.

Also the Absorbica pills are huge. They look like pills for a horse.

Sorry for my rant. It'a just I think it's so weird that my medication is switched halfway through my course.


Just be happy you are gettin absorbica because I heard that absorbica works better than other brands of accutane and is actually better absorbed. I think your pharmacy is kind of crazy because why would they give you claravis and suddenly switch to absorbica which you wanted all along. Anywho good luck!

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