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Day 21

Day 21 - Picked at a spot. Got the gunk out and did some damage to the surrounding skin, but not to the point till it was bleeding :/ oppies....

I got my dermaroller today! w00t! 1.0 mm. I rolled my chin and got some light spotted bleeding. I was surprised cuz that didn't happen when I rolled last year. It was pretty cool, not gonna lie. You can hear the needles piercing ur skin - sounded like mini bubble wrap being popped at once hahahaha didn't hurt! but definitely felt some sort of sensation afterwards. I just wiped off the spots of blood and didn't put anything on it after. I don't have anything for it T_T and I heard its ok to just leave it alone anyways. I'll be dermarolling at least once a week, pretty excited!

As for the cystic pimples between my brow-ish area... they've gotten smaller I think! less painful and seem to be shrinking! YEA!

I do feel like crap today, but not too depressed as yesterday :)

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