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Its a never ending battle. Right?

Just when you think it is finally going away BAM it hits you right back, but even harder.

I wish I knew about this "never ending battle" thing when I first started trying out acne products. I would try some fancy, shmancy product that everyone said was "so amazing!" and it would "clear my skin right up!" for example some product called Muard or something like that, it smelled and felt AWFUL on my face. Anyways, I did the whole crazy five step process. I'm not even kidding, they had you put five layers of the awful smelling gunk on your face.

At first it seemed like it was working, my face was looking a little less pimpled-filled, so of course being the young teenager I was I got lazy and stopped using it and of course my acne came back, horrifying enough it came back even worse than it was. I went back to using the awful five bottles of expensive product, but had no luck with shooing away my acne.

A situation when I was glad I "stopped battling" my acne and stopped using a product is when I was using a somehow popular acne treatment called Proactiv, I'm sure all of you have heard of it. I first got Proactiv my freshman year of high school, I stopped using it by the end of Sophomore year. Now, Proactiv claims that it will give you beautiful skin and so on. I learned the hard way that it was complete bull, Proactiv destroyed my skin on top of having acne. It made my skin dry, flakey, and extremely irritated and itchy which of course made my acne even more difficult to cover up with foundation. Thankfully, I got lazy and gave up on Proactiv.

Now, my fellow acne battlers, I'd like to let you in on a little secret. These are just two examples of all of the acne treatments/kits I have tried, I've tried many more. The secret is that you do NOT have to buy all of these ridiculously expensive kits and slather on four layers of burning "acne creme" on your face! After eight years, yes folks eight years, of fighting severe acne my skin is finally clear and I feel confident. But I did not achieve my seemed to be impossible goal with a expensive kit. Want to know how I finally got my skin clear? I'll tell you with a few very simple bullet points.

  • Stick to one daily cleanser. You do not need four different cleansers to wash your face people. I personally use: Clean & Clear Detoxifying Facial Cleanser. Its a good price and makes my face feel great
  • Secondly, get yourself a facial cleansing buffer. I got mine from the dollar store.
  • Next, invest in some toner. After washing your face using a cleanser of your choice with a buffer (if you choose to get one) you apply the toner with a cotton ball, it removes all of the extra dirt, grime and for the ladies make up that your cleanser didn't get. I personally use Sea Breeze. It is amazing cheap, and you can feel it working
  • Lastly, and most importantly MOISTURIZE. Use lotion! Guys, you too. It may seem girly, but you need to re hydrate your skin. My skin used to be extremely oily ALL the time. So I did not use moisturizer, big mistake. My skin was so oily because it needed to hydrate so it kept producing extra natural oil to try and moisturize itself. Remember to get oil-free. I use neutrogena

Now remember, acne is a never ending battle.Keep on using these simple products even when your acne clears. Throw out those nasty treatments and try something simple (: It just might work. It did for me.

Any questions? Just message me!


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Glad you found something that works for you! Unfortunately, most acne will not be controlled using your regimen as acne for most people is multi-fauceted meaning it can be caused by bacteria, skin not shedding properly and of course HORMONES.

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Yes I know.
I forgot to add in there that I also take birth control to control my hormones.
But I do believe that it can help other people also. Thanks.

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*looks around, picks up any nasty treatments that appear usable, applies them daily* Enuff said.

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