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i found this website today while on the internet reading about prescriptions for acne & decided I had to join. im 16, im out going I play sports and non of my friends know about my acne because its only bad on my back & I never wear shirts that show it. Its not severe on my face. I recently asked my mom to set up an appointment to get a prescription to help treat my acne because I got asked to prom last year and said no, then again this year- all the dresses would show it. so I want to be acne free for next years prom! and for all the summers. my appointment is in the beginning of may, im a little nervous. what usually happens at the appointment & what prescriptions or whatever have tended to work the best ? ive researched a lot & It seems that it varies among people but if theres any other opinions...

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I use hibiclens to wash my back and it cleared my bacne really well. Look for antiseptic skin cleansers or hibiclens, it works really fast but you need to buy it like 3 times a month because the bottles are really small like 8oz. Also there are body washes that contain benzoyl peroxide and that might help you. As far as internal meds go, your doctor may prescribe an anti-biotic. It works from the inside to prevent the acne causing bacteria from reproducing itself thereby reducing the amount of bacteria in your skin. This reduction causes your skin to clear up, anywhere on your body and your face. Good luck! You are taking steps in the right direction.

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