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Day 57

i havent posted much recently because my skin hasnt chnaged very much in the past week, i have only one or two spots and scars i really want the scars to go away but i dont see that happening, ugh makes me so stressed. im like crater face omg

does accutane realy help get rid of scars well?

well the only good thing is my hair doesnt get oily at all, like never! i only have to wash my hair once or twice a week, compared to when i used to wash it every day! anyways thats about it, bye:-)

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hahaha I really don't have to wash my hair at all since I've started! :D lmao and it looks like you're probably due for another visit to your doctor? :) As for scars I'd recommend microdermabrasions for scars or even go beyond that and add a chemical peel to that (a long time after your treatment is over of course). :D

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