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Ahh! Huge Rant!



This week has been so weird between all kinds of news and terrible things happening in the world and then having to deal with the annoying process of trying to get a new Accutane prescription.

I saw my dermatologist this week and thankfully all of my blood work was great and I was good to go to get another prescription. The first time I saw my dermatologist, though, he wanted me to get Absorica, which is a brand new version of isotretinoin. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to afford the medicine because it’s brand new and when I called my insurance to check on how much it would be, the person I talked to couldn’t even find it in the system. I told my doctor about this and they went ahead and wrote on my prescription sheet that I could have Amnesteem if I could not get Absorica. So, when we went to the pharmacy last month, they checked and told me that I was going to have to pay $100 for Absorica as opposed to the Amnesteem that was $5. With a price difference like that, we, of course, chose the Amnesteem. But when I got my medicine it wasn’t even that. They gave me Myorisan. When I told my doctor this on Thursday, he looked at me with a very puzzled look and told me he hadn’t even heard of that. And when I was explaining the cost difference, the nurse said they had coupons that made the Absorica only $10. I was incredibly excited to get that information from her. So, with that, we headed back to the pharmacy to get my $10 Absorica. The dermatologist explained to me that Absorica is much better because it absorbs (hence the name) much better than other isotretinoin pills.

Here’s where my rant really starts – unfortunately, the pharmacy that my family uses doesn’t participate in the iPledge program and therefore, I cannot get my Accutane medicine from there. Last month, we went ahead and chose to go to the Walmart pharmacy to get the Accutane medicine. Last month they had to order my medicine and I couldn’t get it until the next day, and since they gave me Myorisan and my doctor doesn’t recognize that, I’m a little unsure that they actually did the right thing. But after my experience with them this week, I am SO done with them. I took my Absorica prescription to them and the lady at the window smiled and said it would just be 20 minutes to get my medicine. I was beyond thrilled. I was excited to get this medicine that’s supposed to even better than the pills I was on and just get started toward really clearing my skin.

My mom and I waited around for about 30 minutes and then they tell us that they don’t have the medicine, but that they can order it and call me the next day when it comes in. I was disappointed, but left with the reassurance that I’d get my medicine the next day.

The next day, I ended up calling the pharmacy around 2:30 and the girl who answered the phone told me that the Absorica wasn’t there and probably wouldn’t be there until Monday. I WAS SO MAD! I went off on her and was so angry between standing around wasting time in Walmart and then they tell me I can’t get this medicine until next week?! She asked me if I’d hold and she would check other pharmacies. So I did. I waited about 10 minutes and then the pharmacist started talking to me and trying to apologize and telling me about how regulated the medicine is and blah blah blah. Their pharmacy SUCKED for telling me I’d have the medicine the next day and just not delivering on their promises. After I hung up the phone, my mom called them back and told them we would be coming to get the prescription back and take it somewhere else.

They told me they had supposedly called these other pharmacies and that absolutely no one had Absorica on their shelves. We called Target and they told us they had 60 boxes of Absorica. So, we took the prescription out to Target and thank the Lord they delivered on their promise and I FINALLY got my Absorica and for the $10 price the dermatologist office helped me with.

So, now I am taking Absorica (the real stuff) and at 60 mgs a day, which would be double the dosage I had during my first month. Now I think I should really start seeing some results. I am so mad that I had to go through all this crap to get to this point, but I feel that I’m on the right track now and I will NEVER use the Walmart pharmacy again!


Wow! I'm glad you got everything sorted out. I hate dealing with annoying pharmacies that are anal about giving your prescription to another pharmacy. I once had Publix pharmacy refuse to give my prescription to another pharmacy even after I had called them and asked and had multiple other pharmacies try and get the prescription info from them. It was a nightmare.

I will also be starting Absorica (because I had asked my derm about this option after hearing about it from a friend) and she gave me the $10 coupon. I just don't get why I couldn't get this with my 1st course of Claravis.

As for getting your Absorica, the coupon just had you pay $10, correct? I am already dreading going to the pharm to pick up my prescription so I wanna know what to expect.

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