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Day 1



Took my first 20mg tablet yesterday at around 8pm. Dinner is my biggest meal, and I have it at pretty much the same time daily. Breakfast and lunch can be any time, and are usually not very substantial!

Didn't feel tired after I took it, like I'd read in a few places. And no real changes this morning (ie - I still woke up with the same amount of oil on my face). Obviously I'm not expecting anything straight away, but just thought I'd note it anyway.

The only thing I can say, though, is that I had a couple of really vivid dreams! I don't usually have dreams like that, let alone 2 of them! Typically they were about the wedding. Our venue wasn't decorated so I postponed the whole thing for a month (because I wanted to still make sure I could go on my honeymoon to Disney whilst the Food & Wine Festival was still on!)

So apart from the dreams, nothing yet! Hopefully I'll start to see some oil reduction in the next few days.

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