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From: Want Clear Skin Now? Read



When you have acne it is usually a result of inflammation in the body. That is why acne is called an Inflammatory skin disease. Their are several causes for imflammation, and when you are treating the acne the goal is to get the imflammation down. All of your hormones, and endocrine system work in concert beautifully to keep every thing in balance and keep you looking beautiful as an attempt by nature for prime repoduction potential. Understand? Nature wants you to look amazing so that you will have children. The pancreas is an organ that is connected to this beautiful orchestra. The pancreas is responsible for producing enough insulin to always keep your blood sugar in check. Insulin is also a powerful hormone. When your pancreas rapidly oversecretes insulin because of what you ate or drank it causes a large inflammatory response. This large inflammatory response results in ACNE lesions for those of us that are genetically predisposed. The key is to re-train your pancreas, and insulin receptor sites to be sensitive to this powerful hormone again. You control this by what you put in your mouth. It does not take very long to re-train the body either.

Now you want to know how FASTING plays in this? The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and are one of the most important glands we have for handling stress, and regulating our blood sugar levels( i.e. Insulin). When you fast your body gets the hint that it is STARVING, and the adrenal glands go into overdrive producing cortisol. Cortisol is also another very powerful ANTI-inflammatory hormone. But your body can only produce so much, and when you STARVE yourself, the adrenal glands become fatigued, and the rest of your endocrine system starts to perform sluggishly(liver, thyroid, ovaries, etc.). Not only do you exhaust your bodies main ANTI-Inflammatory generator, but you put the rest of your body at risk. It is absolutely counter productive to someone looking to sustain long term clear skin due to a smooth, and effeciently running hormonal, and repoductive system that is BALANCED.



thank u.=)

i think i'll try to blog good notes and post from on.

doesnt matter if its nt about me or my issues..but am sure that will make an informative and helpful blog posts.


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