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Day 24



Remember that bumpy-rash-thingy? It's on the bridge of my nose now, and it's as if it sprouted out of nowhere! Perhaps I ate something I wasn't suppose to, because I haven't put anything different on my face. saywhat.gif The dryness has increased tenfold, so now my face looks like it could be a mascot for Frosted Flakes . Heck my complexion looks really washed out too, I mean my skin looks gross in general. But no pain, no fucking gain right?rolleyes.gif Too bad this had to happen at a time when so many awesome events are going on, and I'm being invited places. Things that could be not so helpful to my skin:

  • Drinking loads of Pepsi for the past week
  • Not washing my face immediately upon waking
  • Not moisturising my face when it's dry
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Slacking off on working out

Jesus, I've probably contributed more to my skin's current condition than I realize.

Pimple check:

0 papules, 3 pustules, 0 cysts & 0 nodules.

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All I can say is keep up the struggle! Acne will lose this battle if you stay strong and don't let up!

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