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Day 20 - Entry's gonna be long.

Topic 1: minocycline side effects

Topic 2: what I picked on my face

Topic 3: pimple updates

Topic 4: vitamin c horrors

Skip around haha


I started off today feeling super tired and very crappy. I was a bit depressed, especially about my skin. It felt hopeless... I didn't know why but then I realized its probably my antibiotics O_O every since I switched from solodyn brand to the generic minocycline, I started feeling super tired... more than I should have despite my lack to sleep. I was very unmotivated to do anything and, exaggerating a bit, didn't know why I was living on. LOL This just had to be a result of the drugs T_T. so I put on some make up, went out, and did a bit of window shopping cuz im too poor to actually shop HAHA. I felt happier getting out of the house :) my depression faded completely, but my fatigue did not. I was really really tired the whole time and wanted a wheel chair or something. I did get a bit of dizziness the first few days on the minocycline, but it only lasted like 5 sec and now it doesn't occur at all. So hopefully the fatigue and depression will go away too.

Anyways. to the picking! I picked at two. First, the one I tried to pick at but left alone yesterday. Easily got it out today. Then I picked at this thing near my nose. This thing, whitehead or milia or whatever, was a huge flesh colored bump that stayed for about 6 months now. I never picked at it before cuz I was never able to see the hole in the middle. for some reason, despite its huge size, it didn't bother me. Then I saw a black dot in the middle and thought this was my chance! I picked it and yes, something did easily come out... but it kept coming out. I kept pushing and pushing and the thing kept gushing and gushing. What an adventure. I'm now left with a very big red spot, but not too worried about it. My skin in that area seem to heal very fast.

Now, onto the pimples. The pimple I mentioned last entry on my right cheek hurts T_T but its not very noticeable. Its not red nor does it pop out. However, I did get another pimple on my left cheek that is very pimply T_T but it doesn't hurt. sigh.

The cyst on my eye-ish area actually stopped growing and doesn't hurt. YAY! I think its getting better. But bad news! i'm getting another cyst in the middle of my brow! WAHHHHHHH

So I have this vertical scar in the middle of my brow thanks to three horrible deep cystic pimples that ended up connecting with each other. It did sink in after the meds, but in order to help the processes I've been applying vitamin c serum the past two days. Ive had bad luck with vitamin c in the past. Its expensive and legit, but it caused me blackheads! And I know im not the only one... So I stopped, but I thought it would have been alright with just my between brow area. I was wrong. I feel a new cystic pimple erupting. The horror! I drowned it in duac, i'm hoping it was just an irritation and not a cyst. im too afraid. My biggest pet peeve is cystic acne between my brows cuz its so damn noticeable! I'd rather get one on my chin! But surprisingly, my chin has been so clear! its crazy- this has never happened. i'm happy about that, but CYST WHY U APPEAR!? I hate you

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Your regimen sounds really good. Just give it time. I struggle with depression too. Don't be afriad to seek help if it worsens. Best of luck to you. PEACE!hifive.gif

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