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End Of Week 1



Today is day 8 for me, and I haven't noticed much. Some people made it seem like side effects would be immediate and severe, so I am relieved...but at the same time, I kind of wish I'd get some, so I would know it was working! After just 2-3 days, my mom commented that my skin looked better! But I think that's just because I've been moisturizing so well. Speaking of that, I might be overdoing it :s I was so afraid I'd just wake up one morning, totally red and flakey, that I started with the heavy moisturization in advance! I thought maybe I could ward it off? But far from being overly dry, I seem oilier than usual! Is this a real thing that happens initially? Or am I just not used to a heavier moisturizer? I've had to blot oil from my face and it messes up my makeup (the oil), and I've had to wash my hair more often than usual. I might be reading into things too much and it's really too early for the Accutane to be working, but I did notice my back kind of broke out in tiny red spot (pimples, but too minor to really call them that!)...and then they went away. My cheeks do seem smoother - again, maybe just due to moisturizing so well. My actual acne doesn't seem to have changed very much, though I do have a large blemish on my chin that was previously a little lump under the skin, doing nothing for months - is that the Accutane working? When should I really expect to see an initial breakout or the crazy dryness setting in? Does that not happen until further along, or maybe when my dosage is increased (I'm only on 20mg right now). Does the dryness strike all of a sudden, or do you see it coming? Any input would be much appreciated :)


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