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I've only really struggled with bad skin since hitting my 20s.

I never really realised how bad it was until I went on a work party and applied some heavy make-up. A colleague mentioned that he'd never seen me wearing make-up before... even though I wore it every single day. Clearly, my skin was so bad, that even with make-up on it looked as though I wasn't making any effort. Nice.

I tried many things throughout the years, but in October 2012 I got engaged and decided that I wanted better skin on my wedding day. I went straight to the doctors and tried a few things, but nothing made a difference, so finally, in April, I was prescribed Roaccutane.

My brother had been on this before (it worked well for him) so I was aware of some of the side effects. I did a lot of research and whilst I was waiting for my blood test results, I went off to Boots to buy some products in preparation.

I needed to stay fully moisturised and protect my skin when it became dry and sensitive. So I bought Cetaphil cleanser, Soap & Glory shower gel, T/Gel shampoo (which I heard was amazing for a dry scalp) and St Ives scrub for when exfoliation is necessary.

I then got products to help me outside of the shower. Cetaphil moisturiser, Soap & Glory Hand Food, lip balm, eye drops, and most importantly - SPF50 face cream. I went for La Roche Posay because I'd heard amazing things about it from my friends.

This all set me back over £70, but I aimed to be fully prepared.

But I didn't just buy products. I cut out alcohol entirely to help my liver function better, and I also started eating as cleanly as I could. I'm eliminating caffeine and sugar slowly, but I can't go cold turkey on those two, yet.

My blood results came back today and everything is good to go. So tonight I will take my first tablet. I'm on 20mg for the first two weeks, and I'll go to 40mg after that. My dermatologist appointment is on the 15th May and we're hoping to get me to 60mg after that.

Fingers crossed!

This is my skin today, at day 0. I will aim to post pictures every Friday so I can see week-by-week progress!




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