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From: Saved By Niacinamide/nicotinamide!



Hi Everyone,

I feel personally obliged to tell everyone suffering from adult acne that I found a remedy after 15 years of upsetting adult acne. Of course we are all unique, so it probably wouldn't work for everyone.

Over 15 years of struggling with moderate adult acne (non-pitting), extremely sensitive skin, and now aging skin, I believe I struck gold.

I have exhausted everything I know to be out there. I was on Accutane twice, and had to stop 10 years ago to avoid liver damage and future birth defects. Accutane is the only product that annhilated my acne, but the price (healthwise) would have been too high to continue. The acne came back within a year of stopping the course. I also tried every topical and oral antibiotic known to man, and birth control pills, only to either have a shredded stomach or uncontrollable weight gain.

I've tried all kinds of upscale and physician recommended products. I tried microdermabrasion and AHA's, etc..., but my skin is very sensistive, and those 'gentle' exfoliation treatments have only worsened the scarring and irritation. Oh yes, and I had a peeling problem. My skin, apart from being acne-prone, was very dry, and was flaky, I was even wondering if I had psoriasis of the face...

I have been a vegetarian for almost 21 years, and even do liquid fasts twice per week, and nothing made my skin better. I was becoming resigned to having bad skin for the rest of my life, basically knowing that I'd suffer from acne until my skin dried up and became old and wrinkled. Until starting 10 weeks ago.

I gave it one more shot, and read online about the studies done with Niacinamide/Nicotinamide. I've been using Niapads in the morning, Freederm at night, and oral Niacinamide 1000mg 5days/week. In just 2 weeks, I stopped getting breakouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still get a pimple here and there, but I can now count on one hand how many I get per month. As of 4 weeks into this regimen, the zits are no longer a problem. Now, I am just waiting out to see if some of the scarring and melasma (from years of popping and scrubbing) will fade some more. Niacinamide is reputed to help fading of discoloration.

I do not know how much longer to continue taking oral Niacinamide in these amounts, because I'm unsure of long terms effects of it. But I will use the topical products until the end of my days. Maybe when I turn 50 in 15 years, I will stop to see if it's necessary anymore... The good thing is I noticed no drying. I feel beautiful and free again- I haven't felt this way since I was 19. I am ecstatic over this. If one more person can benefit from reading this, then I will be glad.

I am not advertising anything, but if any niacinamide company wanted me to do an ad for them for free, I'm pretty sure I would.



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