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Day 38 - Accutane Lowest Dose - 2.5Mg - 5 Mg

Day : 38

Regimen :

Accutane 5mg (every other day) ,

Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night)

BP for 2 days and than : AHA 10% for two days at night and than for two days nothing but mositurizer)

Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d)

Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg/d),B5(500mg/d), B-50(complex)

It's day 38 and as I promised I'm posting the cumulative dose (which is small but still) I've taken so far : 31x2,5 mg + 3x5 mg = 92,5 mg :D I know some of you guys get 80 mg/day and I've taken a little bit more than 80 in more than 30 days :D well, that's what I call "low and slow", and that's why this approach is called Microdose. Im still taking 5mg every other day, but I can say for sure that without BP and AHA my skin wouldn't look the way it looks (good)) Cause for example on Tuesday I went to the gym, and than had some "unhealthy snacks" and today I've spotted two small pimples on my chest and a couple of them on my back. It doesn't bother me, but the point of this blog and the whole experiment is to see the changes in you body. For now I can say that my body is still reacting on junk food in a way it was before tane, BUT maybe to smaller degree..and the oilness is less notiecable. So accutane is working for sure, I can see it esp. when it comes to time that it takes for pimple to dry out.

My generic accutane is on the way, probably will arrive by the end of next week, so for now the dose is same - 5 mg every other day.

Effects so far - less pimples, smaller pores, and faster "drying out" process.

Oh, and btw, when it comes to SPF day cream Im using , it used to leave my skin reaaaaalllllyyyyyy greasy (Olay SPF 15 day oil or something like that) but now I need to apply it, then blot my face and after that I need to blot it like every 2 to 3 hours (when just 3 weeks ago I needed to do it every 45 mins ..crazy but true )))

That would be it for today, on Saturday Im gonna post some pics.

Take care and stay tuned:)


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