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First Entry - Day 10 Of Revised Regimen

I've decided to start recording the days when I get new spots in an attempt to see if there is a pattern.

Three weeks ago I finished an 8 week course of antibiotics (lymecycline) which cleared my skin beautifully. For about 2 months I'd been suffering from a terrible breakout with new spots emerging on a daily basis. My face was a mess. I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed the antibiotics. Before that, I had suffered from mild acne, possibly stemming from the birth control that I started taking 4 years ago (Cerazette - progesterone only pill). I no longer get any periods (yippee!) but I think my skin is suffering because of it. I am possibly premenopausal (I'm 44) so I am content to stay on Cerazette until the menopause. I just need to sort my skin out.

About 10 days after finishing the antibiotics, I started to breakout. I got about 10 spots in all, most of them fairly small, but visible nonetheless. I started applying Panoxyl BP 2.5% (which I have used for years) but after reading Dan's regimen, I started applying it twice per day, even to the areas where I am currently clear (but my trouble areas) as I had never done that before, I usually just use lotion on clear skin.

Yesterday (9 days into my regimen) I was feeling really good about my skin, I hadn't had a new spot in over a week and the old ones were healing nicely. Then, last night I discovered a very small new spot above my mouth that emerged throughout the day. I didn't even feel it coming, it was just there when I was going to wash my face before bed. Luckily it is very small. Today, I can feel a spot that was previously recovering, starting to re-emerge. Again, it's quite small (at the moment anyway). Wondering if the yogurt I ate 2 days ago has anything to do with it.

I put panoxyl 2.5 mixed with lotion on the spots, then benzac 2.5 on my normal problem areas (which are mostly currently clear) followed by lotion. I've only just started using benzac since panoxyl has been discontinued (still have some left) and I'm not sure of its effectiveness compared to panoxyl - it is certainly less drying. I also dabbed a little AHA on it - just got this the other day but have not really tested it out. I think the emerging one might already be flatter..not sure though.

Overall, I am still fairly happy with the current state of my skin, but hoping these two spots go away quickly and that there aren't any more on their way!


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