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Day 14

DAY 14

okay guys, i believe its day 14, and my initial breakout has officially begun.. i have cysts on my forehead, behind my jaw, on my temple, on my chin, i have pimples on my chin, forehead, and some on my cheeks.

Ah two nights before a party. no fun. well my pimples seem to be drying quickly which gives me a bit of hope, my nose is super red because i keep rubbing it trying to get rid of the blackheads. So word of advice, don't touch your face too much or it will go red.

My lips are dry, but i just lick them all the time and it keeps them pretty moist. All these pimples are surfacing and i can feel it.

My face is dry but fine, and my hair is dry and i never have to wash it.

overall my skin feels softer, but all these new breakouts are discouraging.

Just gotta keep soldiering on i guess, until next time guys.


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