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Week 1. Day 3



From all my experimenting with acne and skin solutions, I've determined ONE thing: my acne is homronal. I think there are few cases where acne is caused by topical issues (bad exfoliation, allergic reactions, makeup etc), however I'd say most acne does have a hormonal foundation.

I don't believe I have a legit hormonal disorder (think PCOC), I simply believe my body is out of whack. I think the problem goes even deeper than hormones. I think it's a full body issue. I believe that my years of bad diet (Though I have a perfect BMI and have been an athlete my entire life, I just never gave a care as to what I ate and, let's face it, I'm a sugar lover), that my gut, my liver, my digestive system is all overloaded with junk. \

Let's face it, the standard American diet consists almost entirely of chemicals, additives and food that, in all honesty, is not even real food. I plan to change that. I'm not going vegetarian or vegan or anything, and I won't swear off restaraunts for the rest of my life, I'm just going to try like an 80% to 20% diet.

For now, I have a plan. I'm cutting out all dairy for 2 weeks. Silly me, though I've heard how dairy can contribute to acne, I didn't know how serious of a concept that was. I don't really drink milk, but I love yogurt and have my fair shair of cheese. The hardest part is the cheese. No cheese on sandwiches, no cheese in eggs,no pizza, no lasagna, you get it. But, if after two weeks I haven't broken out then I'll keep it up!

My acne is cystic. I'd say mild cystic acne thanks to birth control which brought it down from moderate cystic. I also have hyperpigmentation and some small indented scars which don't bother me all too much.

So far i've been dairy-less and sugar-less for 3 days. I don't feel deprived, I'm actually happy with my raw smoothies and spinach salads. For dinner I have been eating some slightly processed foods but I'm not too concerned with that. My goal for now is sugar and dairy free for two weeks.

I have two healing cysts and one active cyst right now. For the past 3 days, I feel my skin has been a little less red/inflamed and the active cyst is not as sensitive to the touch. Taking that as a good sign!