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Day 36 - Accutane Lowest Dose - 2.5Mg - 5 Mg



Day : 36

Regimen :

Accutane 5mg (every other day) ,

Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night)

BP(for 2 days and than I take 2 days break)

AHA 10% every 3 days at night.

Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d)

Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg/d),B5(500mg/d), B-50(complex)

So it's day 36 , Yesterday I took 5mg pill, tomorrow I'm gonna take next one. On Thursday Im gonna post my start date and cumulative dose I've taken already.

Talking about my acne...well, It calmed down to the amount where only a few small red marks are on my face, and ocasional pimple or two appears every two-three days. Besides, the oliness is back , because of the BP I'm using , and at the same time the skin on my nose and on my forehead is ...dry saywhat.gif well, maybe not dry, but it looks kind of dehydrated, you know, older than it should look (Im only 21 )) ..and that's when I'm taking Omega3 and drinking minimum of 1,5l of water everyday to keep my skin hydrated..wierd..but BP was always affecting my skin in this way - it's oily but dehydrated/kind of dry..

I'm more curious and interested about the acne on my back..it's not that bad, I mean the pimples are small and there are only like 5-10 of them (as far as I can see in the mirror) but I was always looking at this as an indicator. I mean - when I'll get rid of acne on my face AND on my back - that's when I would know that the "battle is over" and it's time to move on , and worry about other things (like which tattoo to choose next; D ) yep, I've got 2 tattoos, and they both mean a lot for me. Alhtough Im not aiming to look like Lil Wayne biggrin.png, but propably will have my chest/other bicep tattoed soon...we'll see)

So that's probably all for now, no significant changes, happy about the flawless skin that BP gave me, but still willing to stop using any creams except for moisturizing creams.. On Thursday Im gonna post some pics and calculate the cumulative dose I've taken so far.

Take care everybody and don't forget to have fun wink.png