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Day 6 - Backgroun



So, I'm 6 days in and it only just occurred to me that it may be insightful to document my progress. I really hope no one else stumbles upon my blog, but I just can't make it private.

Anyway, my skin has always been like an oil slick. I started having pretty bad spots when I was 10-11. This didn't really effect me because I had a strong group of friends, and people were generally nicer at that age. Since then it has actually always been sort of moderate acne, verging on severe at times. When I moved to secondary school, I was plunged into one of the worst years of my life. My acne made it very hard for me to make friends as I was so incredibly self-conscious, especially when nearly everyone around me had perfect skin. I started going crazy with spot products, which made it so much worse, plus I picked constantly. Then my mum found Panoxyl which worked wonders. My skin was almost completely clear. Then, after my second tube, I found it had been discontinued.

My acne started coming back, and we were searching for other BP products. I tried Benzac AC, Quinoderm, Rugby 5%, everything. But nothing even slightly changed it. I am now in year 9 and I'm fed up. I've been saving for a while and done my research into The Regimen. I know you can get the products cheaper in the UK, but enough was enough. I was willing to splash out ad just buy the Daniel Kern products because they have more chance of working.

Ok, so I was super excited to start The Regimen after a week and a half waiting for shipping. I gave it a go, feeling confident that it would work. It had been 6 days, and I have ramped up the BP to 3/4 of a finger. This is only because I have been using it for a long time. But so far, I haven't noticed any difference. In fact, I have gotten three new big spots. Greeeeat. But I'm going to stick it out. I was really hoping my skin would look slightly better when I go back to school tommorow after the holiday, but no, whatcha gonna do.

Oh, and I don't wear makeup to school because I used to and it just made it alot worse.