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1 Month Of Pc Products & Vegan <3

Happy Monday!

So, its officially been a month since I started using PC Products. I finally have found a regimen that is working for me and I REALLY beleive in it! I hope it continues to help clear up my skin!

I am currently using:

PC Clear Normalizing Cleanser morning and night

PC Extra Strength 2% BHA Toner morning

Cerave Facial Moisutrizer PM (Morning and night)

PC 5% AHA Daily Smoothing Treatment PM (before moisturizer)

Thats it! So far so good! I had a prety gnarly purge about 2 weeks in...it cleared up pretty quickly though and I haven't had another crazy breakout since. THANK GOD! It really freaked me out and I was definitely afraid to keep using the products. But, I persevered because I read that BHA cleans out your pores and can tend to push everything to the surface at first. I'm really glad I stuck with it. My skin is feeling super smoothe and all those under the skin bumps I had are going away. Most of the active acne I've had in the past week has been clogged pores coming to the surface and quickly going away which is fine with me. It has to go somewhere right?

Also, PC is literally the best company. They send me a follow up email about 3 weeks into me using the products to see how I liked them and the results. I wrote back stating that I liked my products but that I had purchased the 2.5% BP and can't use it as my skin just can't tolerate it these days. All I wanted to do was exchange/return the product and they immediatley refunded my account! I mentioned in my email that I might want to try the 10% AHA Weekly Resurfacing Treatment and they automatically sent me out samples in the mail! Just awesome customer service and it seems like her staff really wants to be sure you get the results you want!

So, today I got my lovely period. Which usually ensues hormonal acne! But, I have only had 1 small pimple surfact yesterday. And if THAT is my period pimple...I am overjoyed! Normally I get a few!

ALSO, Ive been VEGAN again for about 2 weeks now. I also noticed a change in my skin after I started taking Dr. Ohira's probiotics and cod liver oil. These are high quality supplements and I think they are helping too! Plus Ive been avoding animal products, dairy, gluten and processed foods. I have been making myself the most scrumptious vegan delights and really enjoying the recipes on several of the vegan blogs I've found. I don't feel deprived one bit!

I am doing the Vegan thing for my overall health and my skin! I feel great and my skin is definitely looking better! So, I'm thinking the combination of these supplements, being vegan and extremely health concious, using PC products diligently and getting regular excercise will really be the ticket for me! At least I hope!

Will continue to keep you updated! I am hoping around my 6 week mark with these producs...in 2 weeks that I will see a much larger improvement :)




I'm not trying to be rude here, but once you stop doing all this it will come back, those aren't cures, jus treatments. Once again, not trying to be rude, jus didn't know if you knew that. It would suck if you clear your skin, stop using the products, and then have it come right back.

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@Tristen420: Not taking it as rude at all :) And obviously the Treatment is working and i NEVER said it was a cure. Obviously if you have acne prone skin...you have to use products appropriate for acne prone skin to get the results you want! I never thought I would stop using good quality products. And I am doing the supplements and vegan for my health and my skin. This is not something I plan on changing EVER.

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