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The Hard Slog



So for each time I try something new I have realised that I fall hard when it comes to the two week period. It's so hard to stay strong and positive when it seems that your pores are just inflaming and your skin getting redder with each glance in the mirror! Hence my aversion to mirrors/photos and that sort of thing. Like at the moment I'm on these herbs that are meant to help you from the inside. Problem is that they clean you out by pushing all the gunk out, which for me means that it makes its exit route through my skin. So I've not be very happy chappy looking in the mirror these last few days though for me it's such a roller coaster that I don't know why I still get panicky and disappointed but I do. Anyway. I also find that the later it gets in the day, the more icky and break out -y my skin feels, makes it hard when going on a night out as I just want to get home and wash my face off. Maybe it's to do with having makeup on for the entirety of the day and my skin just needs to breathe and that's why it feels worse. Though I do get Nude by Nature so at least it's not thick and gluggy, doesn't cover it up all that well but at least it's hopefully fingers crossed not causing more damage. Wonder if this is the way for other people too?

So in conclusion, though I panic generally at the two week point, I'm stronger than my last year self and so though my brain freaks out and tries to work out what other topical path I can take instead that must have a positive effect on my skin, I know that this is the hardest time and I just need to get over this hump and through to the other hopefully downhill slide into clear skin. SO HARD THOUGH!!!!!

How do other people survive the two week issue and late night skin rebelling...? if that even happens to other people...

On a positive note. At least we're all in the same boat and here for each other :)


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