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Day 18



Moar headaches and knee pain! I also had some really bad cramps and nausea. As for my skin, 2 papules show up and my skin started peeling at work. I bet I looked crazy as heck with it peeling through the makeup!! I started to think about whether super oily skin is worse than super dry skin, and I'm starting to think it's actually the latter.

Pimple check:

0 pustules, 0 nodules, 0 cysts & 2 papules.

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Hey, I know what it feels like to have dry flaky skin underneath makeup. And to see other chicks walking around with flawless faces :/

I know the whole point of accutane is to reduce the oil, but I couldn't bare putting foundation on a dry face so I consulted my derm & I started using an oil based serum primer, only a teeny tiny bit on my bare face before foundation & it works absolute wonders!

My foundation stays on all day & doesn't flake or get the slightest bit dry at all!

Just a thought, if the dryness really bothers you, ask your derm about the primer & see what works for your skin (:

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