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Day Forty Four.



So far so decent. I'm on the same dose as last month, so I'm quite positive that my progress has plateaued and I won't start seeing anything huge until I raise it to the 60 mg. a day that my doctor wanted me to do this month. My only complaints now are how dry I am (inside and out, I feel very dehydrated, granted, however, there is zeroooooo precipitation where I live- it's cold and dry so it's the 19th time around for that). My lips are to the point where I may as well use sand paper to get the chapped part off... I use aquaphor on them every night, and wake up to dry lips! D: It's a lot of fun! Another thing to take note of (to all of you LUCKY ones suffering from occasional psoriasis), I've had it since I can remember, it's painful, scaly, dry, it bleeds... it sucks... I break out in the oddest places ever. Currently I'm broken out on my stomach (which I always have been, and it comes and goes, but it's about two inches in diameter now, but with my luck with it, it'll spread to be like four or five). -___________- I also broke out on my arm and the top of my hand (on one side only!) I use a steroid called "Fluocinonide" cream 0.05%. It's very strong and it works almost over night which is wonderful, as it really isn't the most attractive looking rash in the world. -.- I still use La Mer whenever I remember (probably like once a week). Honestly, I can't remember the last time I've washed my face except for tonight, as I don't really need to (I actually break out when I do wash it with anything but water, and even then it's a test). I use so much eye cream and eye drops it's insane. I use Origins "Eye Doctor" and Lancôme "High Résolution Eye." I use these two because they're greasy and wonderful and I wake up and it's fully absorbed, and with accutane, you need anything to keep you from getting uncomfortable as far as dry skin is concerned.

I was going to post pictures but I'll save that for much later as I'm practically passed out writing this but I had to because my face is about 90% clear and I couldn't be happier about it. :D I'll keep y'all posted! <3 K.


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