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3 Weeks On Accutane Update



It's been 3 weeks for me already. So far the side effects have been mild for me, just dry lips and some weird muscle pains, like behind my neck, in my legs, etc.

I really wish I hadn't read all that negative stuff, every time I get a pain I wonder if it's the medication.

I also noticed that my muscles don't recover as quickly if I exercise or do physical activity, or maybe it's because I'm almost 40? LOL

For now I will stick to doing Yoga only.

My face and scalp are dry which is nice!!!! I still have blackhead and yesterday I got a huge cyst next to my nose. yikes!

I'm putting aczone and sulfur cream so that hopefully it goes away, but it itches so bad!

I had my blood test yesterday,.....anyone else got anxiety about the results?? I know it's gonna be ok, but I wonder it it's normal to be anxious about it.

happy weekend everyone!