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Accutane Lowest Dose - 2.5Mg - 5 Mg



Hi everyone ,

Well , I don't like long posts , as I personally, find them boring and hard to read so I'll try to keep it short and simple :

I'm 21 yo, male , 65kg(more like 63 :P ) , for about a year I was on Dan's Regimen ,which gave me great results except for side effects that amazingly resulted in seborhea, which is wierd cause most people that use BP experience dry skin. Mine was dry before regimen, but as I figured out, beacuase of the exesive peeling etc my skin started producing more sebum and here I am:D

So about a month ago (to be exact on the 13th of March) I started Low Accutane regimen, - 2,5mg/day. (the smallest capsules I've found were 5mg, so I had to put them in the fridge, and then, simply split with knife).

Talking about changes - well, it was really great in the beginning , I stopped using BP, and AHA , only used AHA every 3 to 4days, and kept using supps (multivit, B5 - 500mg a day, zinc - 30mg , B-5 complex, Omega 3 - 500mg, acidophilus - 1p./day and saw palmetto - 400mg) and it was amazing- I am pretty sure that I didn't get as much zits/pimples as I expected to get without BP on my face.

Last week, dunno why , I broke out on my forehead and a little bit on my nose. It might be beacause of the workout which usually causues me to breakout ..but not that much. Or maybe it's beacuse of some changes in diet , I don't know.

So now I'm back on BP(at night). It's possible to use while the accutane dosage is so low, but as soon as the acne is gone (it takes more or less 4 weeks to completely fade existent marks and pimples) I will gradually go off BP.

So from now on , I'm gonna post each week , in case I'll notice something unusual , I'll let you guys know.

And if someone is also trying this extremely low dosage approach, let me know, I will really appreciate it.

Tommorow, I'll probably be able to post some pics.

Take care everybody


p.s. didn't manage to keep it short and simple:D


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