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Know Hope


Finacea and cinnamon!

Finacea caused a bit of purging in the first week, but it was minor for the most part and now it's working great. My hyperpigmentation is improving and my skin isn't overly dry like when I use retin a. I'm using it at night with Dan's AHA. I'm using BP and moisturizer during the day - I have a huge bottle and I feel like I might as well use it, even though my skin is clear with no active pimples.

The biggest improvement is due to cinnamon capsules that I have taken for 1 week. I noticed I get oilier after I eat, and I remember reading a suggestion to take cinnamon, so I started taking 1 capsule before my meal and omg, it's working! I'm no longer oily! This cinnamon plus the saw palmetto/vitex tincture I'm on has made my skin so dry and matte looking. It's like I had a skin transplant.

So now it all makes sense! Insulin resistance basically floods your body with testosterone. Cinnamon is supposed to help with insulin resistance, which means there is less free testosterone in my body, less testosterone converting to DHT, less oil, and hopefully, less acne!

I have always intended to follow a low glycemic diet, but never fully committed to it. But now I'm convinced! I also think, in my case, a low glycemic diet alone is not enough to correct insulin resistance and that's where supplements like cinnamon and chromium help. I'm also super excited that I can still indulge once in awhile as long as I take my cinnamon supplement! boogie.gif

The real test is coming up! My period will soon be here...if I get through the next two weeks without a major flare up I will be AMAZED! eusa_pray.gif


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