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Urine Therapy?



It's all natural and seems like a golden cure ... I'm a little tentative to try it though because i dont know much. any ideas or comments!! If your comment is negative ill probably bitch you out so beware


The only things you should try topically are the following: Benzaclin, topical tretinoin 0.1% and topical clindamycin. All of the drugs I just listed have generic equivalents and they all are scientifically proven to prevent acne from forming on the face. Putting urine on acne is humiliating and disturbing. Best luck to you as you battle acne. One more thing, amoxicillin and cephalexin are two oral antibiotics that work very well. Before you try urine, I challenge you to try the drugs I listed for one full year. I guarantee you will see a dramatic improvement in your complexion. Also if you are radical and daring in your approach to acne therapy, take as much amoxicillin a day as you can. I did that for two years and finally stopped breaking out like 7 months ago. I took about 12 500mg pills a day as opposed to the prescribed dose of just three pills per day. Acne folded under the pressure of serious antibiotic therapy. And you can bitch me out all you want but if you pee on your face you are certifiable. (seriously mentally ill; perhaps depression brought on by a serious skin disorder. Get mental health treatment in conjunction with dermatological care. You are beyond desperate. Peace!)

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Idk honestly, it sounds 50/50, like there's a bunch of acids in piss, or at least I think there would be, cuz it's piss lol. So it might work because of chemicals in it, but their are hundreds of ways to get those same chemials, so if your willing to put piss on your face, i'd at least look into why piss would help with your skin, specifically the chemicals that supposdely do so. Oh and I also don't think it would work, because piss is something your body is trying to expel? I think that's the word, think of it this way, your kidneys work to get all the toxins out of your body, that's what they're for, all those toxins come out in your piss, so jus sayin, pouring piss on your face is really something you can't undo lol, I know how you feel being pushed to such extremes, I jus think there's other ways to go about it I guess.

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