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Finally i figured out how to make a blog! Hi everyone, I am a 17 yr old male, i weigh 70kg and im roughly 6 foot, on a 20mg/day isotretinoin regime for 9 months, and i've decided to make a blog to keep you guys posted on how my low dosage goes, the ups, and the downs.

First off i'll start by saying, it took me roughly 6 months, AFTER i received my roaccutane pills, of researching endlessly and going back and forth with it, before actually trying it. I had bad acne for a while but it did ease up, and so i didn't want to take accutane if they were going to heal on their own terms. BUT i looked at photos from about 8 months or so ago, and my skin had not changed, my breakouts under my lips were still happening, and i was still getting scarring on my cheeks. So i decided, rather than cross my fingers and hope it all goes away, i'm going to get rid of them completely with accutane.

Being an Australian, my derm instantly prescribed me a low dose. maybe it was because i don't have many actives, but I've gotten some cystic acne on my cheeks and its led to scarring, so he wanted to prevent that, without worsening things with the initial breakout.

After i bit the bullet and swallowed my first pill, i woke up the next morning with a massive headache and body aches, which i was actually excited about because i felt the pill working almost instantly.

Since then it has been 7 days, and so far the side effects are as follows:

  • sore eyes
  • dry(ish) lips. (very bearable at the moment i don't even have to use lip balm or anything)
  • a little dry itchy spot on my shoulder
  • my skin now flakes a little when i rub it with my fingers.
  • I have also had about 5 new actives that came and went pretty quickly. nothing too bad.

    Now all those side effects have been extremely bearable, though it is only the first week. Also, a few months prior to accutane, i was using tea tree oil for my skin. What i didn't realise, is how drying it was. it dried out my whole face and i itched it when i slept leading to scabs which i had for a month or two ( i could conceal them because i have very long hair for a guy). These scabs were covering some icepick scars at the time, and when they healed, the scars had shallowed a little. Now to get back to accutane, since my skin is flaking, yet not completely dry at the moment i thought i'd take advantage of this, and rub some of the flakes where my scars are, like how i did when my face was dry on tea tree oil, and see how that works. Already i feel they are becoming shallower. ( I'll be a guinea pig for you guys and keep you posted on my self-flaking technique)

    So thats about it for me, i've taken 7 pills so far and im on in for 9 months, which was really what held me off accutane in the first place, i didnt want to be popping pills and having all these side effects for so long, and not being able to drink. But realistically, 9 months of some pain for perfect skin is better than living your entire life with bad skin.

    i will update every week, and maybe more often if something happens with my side effects.

    DAY 9.

    Hello again guys. I thought i'd make a quick update about my roaccutane 20mg journey. for all of those who didn't read my first blog, i weigh around 70kg and am roughly 6 foot, so it is rather a small dose.

    So not much to update, besides i think im having my initial breakout? my skin seems alot smoother but i have gotten a few new pimples mostly around the lips and some on the cheeks, and around 4 cysts, 3 of which are around my left temple, one below my lip where i ALWAYS have cysts and the reason i wanted to take accutane.

    If this IS the initial breakout, then I would be overjoyed seeing as the IB was the main factor in me NOT wanting to take accutane, and this is hardly noticeable.

    My skin is getting drier around the cheeks, the lips feel as though I've been eating really salty corn chips all day if anyone knows the feeling. My hair is noticeably less oily, so that is good, might help with breakouts if i don't have oily hair on my face when i sleep. ( maybe i should invest in a hair-tie when i sleep.)

    anyway that's about it, i just wanted to let you guys know i think the IB is beginning. Kind of bad timing though i have a big party in a week and hopefully it doesn't get much worse. Oh and also i drank around 4 beers last night, woke up no headache, everything seems fine. I will drink less later in the course but seeing as I've only been on such a low dose for 9 days i thought it wouldn't be too detrimental to have a few beers. i hardly got drunk though so maybe that's why there was no hangover.

    i can feel blackheads on my forehead surfacing, so i hope they come out soon, i want my skin to be flat and not have all these little tiny bumps.

    ALSO, i used saltwater to exfoliate my skin, to try and remove skin flakes and act like a chemical peel to lessen scarring, and my skin DID flake dramatically as though i was grating cheese! sounds gross but really my skin feels so smooth now, though its very pink and sensitive, i wont go out today and i might get a video game or something to play, as im on school holidays right now, and the less im in the sun the better!. Has anyone noticed a difference in scarring during or after their course of accutane? let me know!
    if chemical peels help shallow scarring, by removing layers of skin, then in theory, shouldn't the peeling on accutane also help?
    i dont see why it wouldn't. I know accutane thins out your skin but if once a week or so i exfoliate with saltwater ( or another substitute because saltwater can be drying, which wouldn't be good) then once my course is over, and my skin plumps back up, wouldnt all those layers of dead skin that i'd shed lessen the appearance of scarring? Plus accutane shrinks pores apparently so i'm definitely keeping an eye out for this. If my scarring were gone i would be overwhelmed with joy.

    DAY 11

    Hey guys, me again. So ive used my first mini packet of pills ( there's 10 pills per packet, and 6 packets per box) and i think im seeing the dermatologist around the 1 month mark. and i have noticed i have gotten quite a few new actives and cysts. I have gotten a lot of new papules around my chin area and my overall complexion is redder around my cheeks. I hope my texture and tone becomes the same as my temples, that would be a dream.

    The products i have so far are:

    • vaseline total moisture dry skin
    • Palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E ( can i use this on my face or will it clog pores and break me out?)
    • blistex ( for chapped lips, though i just used cocoa butter on my lips and it works a lot better.)
    • ombra sunscreen lotion spf 30 ( my parents bought it for me, its non greasy but i need a moisturizer as well as a sunscreen, like cetaphil. still yet to purchase that.)
    • and garnier 3 in 1 salicyclic acid wash. ( unsure of if i should use this, anyone whos used it suggestions would be great.)

    My skin overall is just redder, not oily, breaking out a little and leaving red marks. I get joint pain from time to time but whatever, i do physical exercise when i can and that may lead to it.

    DAY 13

    Hey guys, i think i'm going through my initial breakout! i have about 6 whiteheads on my face, and 5 cysts maybe. The whiteheads are around my chin area, my forehead has a lot of blackheads and white heads,and one really blatantly on my cheek. hopefully that one dries up in a day or two, fingers crossed. The cysts are mostly still around my left temple, but i have some around the left and right sides under my jaw. Luckily my breakouts have been pretty inconspicuous and haven't made me look very different. I'm almost at the halfway point to reaching the 1 month mark, where people say they get improvements.

    Finally I purchased some cetaphil moisturizing lotion because my face began to get flaky, i put it on last night and my face is still moist! I kind of wanted to leave my face dry when i could so it would flake and leave better skin underneath, but i noticed when i raised my eyebrows a red line on my forehead would appear, and i definitely didn't want signs of premature ageing after i get rid of my acne. It was about $14 dollars for a 250ml bottle which i'm sure will last me a majority of my journey.

    The redness on my face isn't too bad, almost barely noticeable. Seeing as its only on my cheeks and nose, i can see how people would feel its very noticeable seeing as my forehead is not red at all, and people with shorter hair would highlight this transition more prominently with a normal forehead and red cheeks.

    I'm hoping the little lumps on my arms disappear, I've had them most of my life, and i really think they have begun to disappear on accutane!

    ah all the little superficial problems are being solved.

    How long until you guys saw results? was it the typical 1-2 month mark? earlier? later? i'd really like to receive some feedback! I'll probably update less as the course goes on ( hopefully), but i'm trying to update whenever i see any changes in my skin, and that will be pretty frequent i believe in the first month or two. I'm hoping it will all be a downhill journey from month 2 and my skin will begin to seriously improve.

    until next time guys.


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glad to hear im not the only person on 20mg. im 17 too and 6'2" and 85kg and ive been on the tane for almost a full 7 months. the results are better than i couldve asked for so far. i wish i couldve been on a higher dosage, but hey if this low dose course gives me remission im happy. ill try to be on it for nine months too. keep us updated.

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did your skin texture change? my skin is kind of rough at the moment. do you live in Australia? I never hear of low doses in the US. its good to hear you're doing well! i'm happy to hear someone bigger than i am is on 20mg and it worked well. Did you get an initial breakout? how long until you saw results? i will update when i can.

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yeah, nice to know that I'm not alone figuring it out how to start a blog here :D
btw, my low dose comparing to yours is kind of ..microdose;D I've started 2,5 mg a day 30 days ago, the next week I'm going to switch to 5mg a day. The goal is to see how I'll respond and then, after another month probably go to 10 mg/d and then keep it at that level. It's just that at current dosage I can more or less use BP which I need for sure .

Can you tell us what about sun sensitivity ? do you use some SPF creams during day (cause I assume even in winter in Australia sun might be nasty))

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yeah, nice to know that I'm not alone figuring it out how to start a blog here :D
btw, my low dose comparing to yours is kind of ..microdose;D I've started 2,5 mg a day 30 days ago, the next week I'm going to switch to 5mg a day. The goal is to see how I'll respond and then, after another month probably go to 10 mg/d and then keep it at that level. It's just that at current dosage I can more or less use BP which I need for sure .

Can you tell us what about sun sensitivity ? do you use some SPF creams during day (cause I assume even in winter in Australia sun might be nasty))

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wow that is a small dose! im sure your side effects will be nearly non existent.

well actually it is winter here, and I went out yesterday with SPF 15 sunscreen, and came back and i was quite pink. i used Vaseline's total moisture for dry skin afterward, which actually stung a little bit but seemed to make my skin a lot less pink.

Today im going to buy some cetaphil SPF 50 moisturizing lotion, because ive heard a lot of people use it on these forums, and its non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog pores, while it keeps my skin moisturized and heavily protected from the sun. Though seeing as accutane removes oils and tightens pores i was wondering if it even matters whether the lotion is comedogenic or not? well anyway i dont want to risk having more clogged pores.

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I'm also taking a 20 mg dose - female, 120 lbs. I'm in my 4th week and have had minimal side effects - many dry lips, some skin flaking - hardly any break outs at all!

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