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I'm Scared




So I'm new to this but basically I am due to start roaccutane tomorrow for 4 months. My sister completed her course of roaccutane about two years ago and is completely fine and hasn't relapsed. However, after watching a lot of youtube videos and reading posts on here I still have absolutely no idea if roaccutane is for me or not, I can cope with the dryness but the potential long term side effects of this drug really really make me reconsider if its worth it or not.

A bit about me and my acne:

Well I'm 18 and have suffered from acne since I was about 15. My acne at the moment is actually the best its been since I first began getting acne but I have so many scars from where it was previously very bad. I've tried all the topicals out there, I've been on the pill for a year but nothings worked. I haven't tried antibiotics only because as soon as you stop it, the acne comes back and I don't want to be on antibiotics long term.

Has anyone done roaccutane and can give me an honest opinion on what its like? Also does anyone know what the long term side effects of this drug are?

Thank yooou :)


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I was cured by amoxicillin and yes I take it every day but I swear it is worth it. That said, I can see why you don't wanna take antibiotics, but if you seriously don't want antibiotics I think that based on the science, accutane is the next best thing. I never tried accutane because other treatments worked really well for me. My dermatologist thinks I am not a candidate for accutane. I looked up a "before and after" pics for accutane and the transformations were awesome. Severe cystic acne cured by accutane. It was amazing. However, for me personally I'm amoxiciilin all they way.

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Hey im on roaccutane at the moment. Im a male, 17 yrs old and i weigh 70 kg. My dosage is 20mg which may sound low, but seeing as you are referring to the drug as ROaccutane rather than accutane, you mustn't be from america? anyway, chances are you'll get a lower dose if you arent from america, and if you are, ask your derm for a low dose over a longer period of time.

I've been on roaccutane for 10 days, which is just the beginning but i was in the same boat as you. my acne had improved and i was hesitant in taking it, in case my acne cleared up completely and i could avoid all the unnecessary side effects. BUT it stayed relatively the same, a break out every few days, which eventually led to further scarring. I say dont contemplate any further, if your derm prescribed you accutane, take it! I am keeping a blog about the side effects so check that on occasions, see how your side effects weigh up in comparison to mine, and get a little glimpse into what the next couple of days have in store for you.

so far my only side effects of accutane are:

  • dry eyes
  • dry lips ( not cracked)
  • dry/reddish face (i have been scrubbing my face with saltwater to try and exfoliate and remove the dry dead layers of skin to lessen the depth and appearance of scars, like a chemical peel. )
  • breakouts, hardly too much more than regular, some cysts here and there and some whiteheads but nothing crazy, they dry up quickly as well.
  • and sore joints ( comes and goes, and i have been jumping down things as well which may have contributed)

Now that may appear to be like a shopping list to you, but really its only because i know of the side effects and am looking out for them , that they are noticeable. They are very minimal really.

So make sure you take a low dose, and over a longer course, and youll be fine with minimal side effects.

message me if you need.

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