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3-4 Weeks On Pc Products

Hi ya'll!

So Friday will be my 1 month mark with PC Clear System/PC products. Last week I left a pitty party entry about how depressed I was becuase of my skin and because I was purging, etc. Well, things have gotten a lot better, not only skin wise, but outlook wise!

I realized last week how much my "skin" or more like the emotional side effects of it can control my moods and happiness. I felt ridiculous and was totally freaking out/overreacting and I knew it! However, no matter how much I tried to pull myself out of it I couldn't. I didn't want to be around my friends/boyfriend and that is SO dumb. They are the people who lift me up and remind me of all the reasons I have to be happy no matter what! Also, this is a little strange, but I have been paying more attention to the news and hearing all of these horrible things about Korea and how they are threatening us, etc. It made me realize that if they decided to drop a nuke on us...and it was all over tomorrow...how mad I would be at myself for spending my last day dwelling on a few zits!!!!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT PEOPLE and petty ish like that is just not worth it! I had a great weekend with my friends last weekend and I pretty much chose to be happy regardless of the condition of my skin! AMEN!

So...back to skin stuff...after my crazy PURGE last week...my skin has calmed down A LOT. I talked to my friend who knows a lot about skin care and she told me the way BHA's work is that they clean all the dirt out of your pores and so you may break out at first...but that the end results are great! So I stuck through it and im already so glad I did! My skin is looking and feeling super smoothe, feeling good about this!

I also have been folllowing a pretty strict vegan diet and I feel AMAZING. I have been drinking my hot lemon water and green drinks in the mornings and taking my probiotic twice a day. I have been avoiding dairy, meat and gluten! It seems so simple when your doing this diet that this would OBVIOUSLY be good for you in every way. Cutting out all the processed chemical crap and hormone/antibiotic filled dairy/animal protein for veggies, fruits and grains! AHHH I can't say enough good things about it.

For the past 4 days I have just been using the BHA in the morning after my cleanser and before my moisturizer and just 5% AHA at night before my moisturizer. My skin doesn't seem to be missing the BP a bit...I'm thinking of returning the BP I bought for PC 10% AHA Weekly Resurfacing Treatment. My skin loves AHA, i think it will be a good swap! I honestly think my skin has developed an intollerance for BP...and I hate to think that I am putting BLEACH on my face sad.png

All in all, feeling 100% more energized, hopeful and positive!

If you haven't looked into her...look up Kimberly Snyder and sign up for her blog. She is amazing, her whole system is focused on eating for clear skin and overall health!

I'm really realizing health is happiness, and I think this whole experience with my skin...this constant, nagging problem may have been trying to give me the answer all these years. I hope at least!




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