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Fading Lighter Reddish/brownish Marks/spots Etc After Acne Fast!please Please Help!

hello mates!

i am posting this in an desperate(but silly as it may sound) attempt to seek help and suggestion in lightening my dark spots and kinda clearing my lighter spots(post-acne marks/spots etc) fast.may be in weeks..like 2-3 weeks may be!

am really sorry for sounding this insane(as many may think) but i need to figure out something and atleast give things a try.

i am in urgent need.

so please give me some suggestions and experience!

also,please mention if it would help in any sort of hyperpigmentation.eusa_pray.gifsaywhat.gif



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what pops into my head is the Proactiv dark spot corrector


I have never tried anything on my dark spots, I just let them fade naturally and also tretinoin speeds up the overturn of dead skin cells, almost like a glycolic peel but stronger....I believe this helps fade dark marks but don't quote me on that...good luck!

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