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Yoga For Acne!which Ones?how Fast?how Long?!



question for you part 2  

  1. 1. how long does it take to come back on right track of life if all aspects including a good diet,proper sleep,proper lifestyle is maintained?

    • immediately or in days
    • 1-2 weeks
    • 1 month
    • few months
    • more

hello friends!

holistic living and healthy diet is known to have a positive effect on us,acne sufferers.

so having a balanced diet and having an active life(both physically and mentally) is important.

also eliminating food items that cause u problem is a must.(different people seems to have different intolerance..so don't go by what others are following.check for yourselves what suits you and what doesn't but make it a point to share your unique experiences and ideas/concepts.it'll not only help others in practicing the better routine and gaining inspiration but also give you the due encouragement and thumbs-up.

personally,i feel very relieved and at peace when my fellow bloggers/members here discuss and suggest things or approve of what i'm up to.)

now,here comes a tricky(am not sure if it's a grave issue to discuss) question!

but i'm pretty sure that many of us have the same question in our mind.

we all wanna know how much or how long to carry on to see some positive results.eusa_think.gif

with food and diet,

1) how long should we eliminate a food item?

2) how long after maintaining a balanced diet do you think body comes back on the right track?

3) does small tricks and home-recipes detox or cleans the system sufficiently?or are drastic measures always needed for one and all?

(things green tea,lemon water,some say oil pulling, fasting or simple/raw food does help they say!)

as for lifestyle,

4)BIG QUESTION EVERYWHERE : how long should regular(or 3-4 times a week in most cases) exercise or yoga(asanas,meditation,pranayama etc) take to show results?

(i'm not talking about losing weight,which people think is so obvious.i understand why! but the overall health benefit like relaxed body and mind,quality sleep,quality skin and overall health)

5) how long does it take to come back on right track of life if all aspects including a good diet,proper sleep,proper lifestyle is maintained?

1 week? 2 weeks?

1 month?

6 months???!

what do you think?

this post is for discussion.

u can add your valuable comment.whatever you feel is right.

with or without any try or evidence.=)rolleyes.gif

please add your comment.eusa_pray.gif

i'm positively eager to hear from you all.also,add anecdotes if u have any.



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