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Face Clearing

My face clears up when I don't eat foods high in fructose. It's been a few weeks since I ate wheat/bread and fruits, and my skin is clearing up.

Today is April 11 2013 and my face is about 98% clear.

I have body acne too but it too seems to be disappearing.

I drink a lot of coffee with sugar so I'm probably gonna cut out on the sugar as I think it might be contributing to some minor acne I have.

Other than that, this fructose intolerance diet is working awesomely. I barely get gas nowadays and I don't get diarrhea anymore. Although I do have some softer stools than normal, pretty much my bowel movement is much better.

On this diet, I avoid red meat like beef and pork also as I get a lot of cysts when I eat them. Possibly because of too much hormones? I don't eat fruits at all and I only eat green, leafy vegetables as much as possible.

I don't eat gluten foods and I only drink water and coffee.

I'm gonna cut back on my white table sugar consumption from now on and drink my coffee as black as possible.

Also, I AVOID ONIONS LIKE THE PLAGUE. Whenever I eat them, I notice, I get a lot of acne. And so I guess onions are banned in my diet from now on.

I realize my diet is very restrictive, however, I know it will all be worth it when my skin finally clears. Also, I believe this will give me better health.


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Make sure you get adequate protein like from rice and beans, lentils or fish etc...I am a pescatarian meaning the only animal protein I ingest is from scales. Otherwise, your diet sounds awesome.

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thanks amoxilworx!!! yes, i do eat fish. i love fish. if i could be a pescatarian, i would! the only other meat i eat is chicken. i love chicken! hehe.

thanks for the help.

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