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Epsom Salt Cheap Acne Fix:



hey, this is a super EASY tip. Try disolving EPSOM SALT (salt of magneseum) in warm water. About 2 tablespoons of salt per cup of water. I have been using this as a toner acutally AFTER i moisturize, because It holds in moisture. After 5 days (of day and night use) my skin is clear of any active acne and red mars are fading and skin looks much brighter and smoother (no mirco bumps.) the reviews for epsom salt on this site are amazing, and you defiently cannot beat the price! it's super cheap and also great for adding to baths to deminish body acne.

<3 hope this helps. It has been a miricle for me.

My routine: when I wake up

1. Was face with a super gentle soap, I'd reccommend Dr. Ohira's Kompuka Soap bar because it has probiotics in it, cleans well, is completely natural leaves skin soft, but doesn't dry out skin and remove healthy skin oils. but you really just need a soap that is gently

2. I moisturize. EXTRA VIRGIN Coconut oil or Dr. Ohiras Probiotic Moguruku skin lotion (also contains probiotics) and moisturizes super well and is all natural. I massage either this or the coconut oil into my skin for 1 minute (so basically just moisturize very well and then finally the EXCITING PART ((: )

3. I have a bowl of my epsom salt water, and I use a cotton ball and wipe the epsom water all over my face.

4. Allow that to dry completely and you may see a white powder on your face (that is just the salt)

5. You can rinse off your face now and only reapply to problem areas, allow to dry and finish make up as usual. (never noticed a problem with the salt residue on face because it is easily wiped off.)


same thing! & it has really changed my skiN!! The epsom salt is most definently what gave my skin the most progress & I know this because I used the soap bar and lotion from Dr. Ohira for months before I tried the epsom salt (nevertheless they are reat products) but don't clear acne all alone with out the epsom salt booster. (also ** Epsom salt help to retain moisture! So it does not dry out skin but it will pull icky stuff out of a zit if you put a semi dissolved pile of it on top of a zit and let it dry) lol

You can defienently sleep with this on your skin with no problem! does not over dry, is deminishing black heads over time, redness decreases more and more with every use.

Do NOT go crazy. Because as great as this is, everything can be over done / used. You do not need to apply a million times a day. Just once in the morning, once at night and maybe one more time throughout the day on problem areas if you really feel you need to.

To bathe with this salt, pour two cups of it into the bath and let the warm water disolve it. You may need to stir water with hand to help quicken the process. MAKES YOUR SKIN SO SOFT! and trust me if you keep up regular use you will see a huge difference in your skin.

This is so great for those scabs that you want to dry but not over dry and reopen, and to kill bacteria, brighten skin, clear infection. AVOID eye contact directly because it does sting, but I use a Q-tip to apply to my dark circles under my eyes which have lightened tremendously more than any eye cream did for me.

Another great thing about this is you can easily bring your one thing of soap, and a little (tupawear?) container or zip lock bag of the salts to a friends house, borrow a cup, melt it in warm water, use a cotton ball and you don't have to worry about horrible break outs away from home! and you don't have to have a million products either ((:

Litterally this cleared my skin in 5 days. Even a cyst I had came to the surface within a day and I was able to prick it with a sterile safety pin and remove the icky and put the epsom salt water on it multiple times a day and you litterally cannot tell it was there now!!


Oh and I know this is acne.org and all about skin, but this cheap epsom salt can also be put in a water spray bottle along with a little sea salt or hemalayan salt, dissolve it with warm water, mixed with a little conditioner and add essential oils if youd like for scent. I'd only put about 1 table spoon per 2 cups of water and a teaspoon of the sea salt per 2 cups water. THIS CAN BE used as a beach hair wave spray (: it makes my hair really wavy, I then use a diffuser and dry it after spraying it on. Don't over do salt tho because it can dry whiteish, and I have black hair and I usually have to just knock a little of it off and it goes away on its own and leaves my hair curly for days instead of only one day like most products. lol just had to tell you

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The epsom salt idea sounds great but the coconut oil on the face would really exascerbate acne. And I think an anti-bacterial approach may work better as far as soaps go.

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The epsom salt idea sounds great but the coconut oil on the face would really exascerbate acne. And I think an anti-bacterial approach may work better as far as soaps go.

well I must say your skin is suppose to have "good" bacteria on it to fight infection but antibacterial soap / the chlorine in public water that we shower in kills this bacteria. So the probiotic soap reenters the good bacteria onto the surface of the skin. It actually is how the traditional women of many cultures kept their skin so nice!

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Also coconut oil has antibacterial properties on it's own and aids in healing. It does not exascerbate the acne because of the epsom salt. Coconut oil alone 'on my facial skin' works only this well along with epsom salt and is a great moisturizer. Think of how nice tropical peeople's skin tend to be where coconut oil is most available~!

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Hi all,

I have been trying epsom salt for a week and... I just don't feel any better on my face! I do it twice a day. Morning and night without fail. I tried it on my face and tummy (as it claims to ease bloating) and after a week, my face is pretty much the same, red spots here all over my cheeks, with a couple of extra white heads. I did notice that a very, very small part of my blackheads on my nose was gone but the main reason I'm doing this is to improve my face condition!

I tried googling but no avail, everyone seems to be able to have immediate results after using epsom salt and I feel like the only one here stuck with barely any improvement at all.

Could it be something which I did wrong? Or there are people out there who are not suitable to use epsom salt?

Please help! Very much appreciated!

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If your skin clears up after going in the ocean then Epsom salt is for you. If unsure, just give it a try.

i started 3 days ago and improvement is great. 


- Mix 5 parts water to 1 part Epsom Salt and let it sit 10 mins to disolve. Shaking or stirring speeds the process as does warm water.

- Wash face with sensitive skin bar like Cetaphil cleanser or similar. Dab Epsom mixture on spots and let dry 10-15 mins. If white film appears you can bush face with a soft cotton cloth and the white will come off.
5:1 is fairly strong so if acne is not bad or cystic you could dilute more but I have not tried weaker formulas. 5:1 is working well for cystic and consistent acne.

- I rarely do the dab method unless spot treating more than my regular 2x a day applications. For the regular applications I have a 5:1 premix in a $1 spray bottle which is set to mist. I mist entire face and neck with eyes closed after normal face washing and let it dry. If it gets in your eyes be tough and dab with a cotton towel over closed eyes and you can also use clean water on a rag to dab eyes until sting is gone.
After 10 mins you can wipe off any film with a clean cotton wrag if you are going out of the house.

Goid luck. Wish I would have found it sooner since i already knew the ocean cleared my skin. I told dermatologists that and nobody recommended anything except expensive prescriptions which didn’t work. 23 years later, i hope this keeps working.

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