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Day 12- Post Levulan, Amid Caveman



12 days later and haven't washed my face a day since. I am happy to report my acne issue as apparently been resolved. The only thing left over is scars and red marks from healing blemishes. Tiny zits come from time to time but they are gone as fast as they appear.

My skin is mildly oily but not very noticeable. I am make-up free and not embarrassed in the slightest. Even classmates at school have noticed my skin clearing up!

I fully intend on going back for another levulan treatment at the end of this month. My Dr. Says that it will help clean up the damage done to my skin and hopefully one day I will be totally healed. A lot of damage occurred over the last two years, I can only expect a significant amount of time will be needed to fix this entirely.

All in all I am thrilled and would absolutely recommend this method. If you're interested in trying the caveman regimen, have a little extra money and a little time to dedicate to darkness- I suggest trying out what I have done. The levulan treatment seems to expedite the caveman process.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.