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Day 13



My knee started hurting last night, it's the one where I had a cortizone shot to treat an injury. The back of the Accutane pamphlet said to tell my doctor if I had a cortizone shot. Coincidink? I think not. Otherwise, my face is doing much better after the horrific lactic acid peel I did two weeks ago. I believe my cutting back on the dairy and eliminating ice cream all together are why my face no longer has an explosion of pimples. On 3/28/2013 I had 6 pustules and 4 cysts, which is also around the time I was eating a pint of ice cream a day. Yeah I know, but I'd gone 3 months without any ice cream at all and suddenly I had a craving! Glad it's out of my system.

Cons of Accutane so far:

Red eyes, headaches & knee pain.


Makes me drink more water, skin is considerably less oily & it only cost 10$.

Pimple check:

0 pustules, 0 nodules & 0 cysts.