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Literally Tried Everything But Accutane And Chemical Peels.



First i would like to start off by saying that i am a health person. I do not smoke do drugs or drink hardly at all. I eat right minus some exceptions as i am 21 and kind of struggling as i make 8 dollars an hour and live on my own, but for the most part my diet consists of Fruit and veggies, but all in all i have noticed ( because i went 3 months without eating anything processed or anything with sugar in it ) that the food i eat hardly affects my skin at all, Unless i really try to over indulge. I did notice it got HORRIBLE after doing the stupid Caveman Regimine for two months, by the way i would HIGHLY recomment no one ever try this unless your acne is caused by over washing . After that my skin has never been the same. So many scars becasue of that regimine. So i finally caved and baught the B Kamins Acne line, That actually worked very well within the very first week, i was so happy!, But the cysts stayed persistant, it took most of my pimples away. After a while , id say a month the progress flatlined and i got pimples constantly just less severe. It was nothing like before, so i continued to use the product .(it consists of a salcylic wash, 5% benzoyl gel corrective mattifier a mask and moisturizer) My face was already oily so i never used the moisturizer, but as i went to my esthetician she encouraged me to use it, so i started using it every night after i washed, I thought i was seeing improvment as my skin wasnt dry and it was less oily, but i noticed i was getting more small pimples and clogged pores as i used it, so i stopped and only used the BP as spot treatment , and immediatkey the acne started slowly coming back , so i started using the BP all over like before and then applied ythe moisturizer. Its like if i dont use the BP i break out but them the moisturizer breaks me out anyway but without both of them i would be broken out . The product has helped but it seems that it only slightly controls it. I also KNOW that some of my breakouts are caused by Hormones, Because i get cysts on my chin, jaw and sometimes on my cheekbones and forehead, but my OBGYN discourages birth control because i have migraines and it raises your stroke level by 60 % ........ I was encouraged although by my esthetician to get the Skinmedica Chemical Peels , But they are super expensive and like i said i dont have that much money to spend on that, i would like to try the peels if i can save enough. Also was advised to get on accutane, i would rather not as im scared of what it would do to my body... All in All my skin problem is slowly starting to creep back up on me regardless of my current regimine and healthy diet, so i dont know what to do anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Sorry for the long post, i just want everyone to understand the situation. Thanks smile.png


I ALWAYSrecommend to anyone who will listen AMOXICILLIN 500mg 3x a day. I had literally tried every antibiotic out there, but Amoxicillin and Cephalexin worked wonders for me. I had painful cystic acne, the scarring type..you can imagine...if you want to see my before and after pics just check out my blog..may have to go back a ways...anywho my recommendations also include generic benzaclin and tretinoin...try to get health insurance if you don't have any..if your job offers it shell out the premium its worth it...(or look into public health care programs offered for working people in your state)

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Thanks for the advice ! I will look into the antibiotics, and the tretinoin, did you ever have the antibiotics stop working ? I'm curious as that's what everyone says about them , and no they don't offer insurance :/ I work 35 hours but can't be considered "full time" it's lame .

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