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Temporary Raised Bumps On Face All Of A Sudden!that Itches And Mostly Turns Reddish But Goes Away After A While!please Help!

hello friends!

this time i really hope to find some help in figuring out what the cause and of course, the solution to my problem is!

it's been happening for sometime.yes as far as i remember..it's been pretty long.

i get these temporary raised bumps all of a sudden..out of no where.

on my forehead or cheek mostly.

what happens is the place itches.suddenly.

when i check on mirror am sure to find a bump or a raised area which is reddish(mostly!).

i have a habit of putting clingard(clindamycin phosphate or bp - which i use on as spot treatment on my zits these days! previously i used to apply faceclin which i used then. etc)

now what i've noticed is they go away with any problem after sometime.(in fact,i think with or without the ointment or anything topical they would vanish anyway..am pretty sure about this.but i'll check the next time it happens.)


((((sorry about the lightning.i took in a trial room.lol.i just had sudden itch and bang!saw these bad ones on the mirror))))

so,i want to know what is it?what's the cause?

how to prevent it?or deal with it..any idea?

do anyone of you face same or similar problem?

please help me with this.it kinda freaks me out becasue inspite of having a healthy lifestyle(as healthy as possible) i've to deal with such things forever.

and now a days i dnt have to go out of my house.i'm always at home.i dont use sunscreen at home.my keep my room sunlit n airy for sometime but then by the afternoon(when hot air rushes in,its summer in india) i shut my windows.that keeps the room cooler.

so it cant be sun rash etc.

also i dont use AC so that should be a problem either.

please help!!eusa_pray.gifsaywhat.gif

p.s am sorry i cant upload a picture right now for i dint get it now..but nxt time i get them(evn as its just for a while) i'll click one for the post.




Try disolving EPSOM SALT (salt of magneseum) in warm water. About 2 tablespoons of salt per cup of water. I have been using this as a toner acutally AFTER i moisturize, because It holds in moisture. After 5 days (of day and night use) my skin is clear of any active acne and red mars are fading and skin looks much brighter and smoother (no mirco bumps.) the reviews for epsom salt on this site are amazing, and you defiently cannot beat the price! it's super cheap and also great for adding to baths to deminish body acne.

<3 hope this helps.

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but do u have any idea as why i am having these temporary bumps(rashes if i may call them!)???

what exactly does this salt do?is it like a toner?

i'll check out the posts on the salt as u say.


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Try Faceclin A (Clindamycin+Adapalene), should work on these bumps. I think it itches as the skin is irritated too so try a mild facewash for sometime like cetaphil cleansing lotion.

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