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From: Cystic Acne And Red Marks



after accutane and ointments like (faceclin,bp etc) i still had a sudden breakout of bad big pus-filled pustules (a few of them in different places of my face like one on forehead,few on extreme side of my face etc) about 1 mnth ago. i've never had such huge cystic ones btw.one on my jaw was so big n the swelling was kinda spread.they were very painful too.

i had suspected that may be it was because i've using salicylic acid for a week then.

so i went to my derma & she said no,it's not.they were always there and are just coming out now.

she gave me azithral-500.

(its azithromycin tablets which is suppose to lessen the bacteria(p.acnes).i was given 5 the 1st time and then 5(i had only 4 though) after 3 weeks as a full course).

plus,i have been maintaining a less-oily(mostly),less spicy(mostly) and low sugar diet(excpt for fruits and lil' sugar in curries n digestive biscuits.mostly) for a lil' more than 2 mnths now.

i dnt have big acne or too many small zits now.

i do have whiteheads on my nose which refuse to budge,also i do get tiny sharp reddish heads on my cheeks sometimes.also one or two zits sometimes(whch i suspect happens before my period.am not sure.i noticed last mnth.i'll keep a track this mnth too).

i skin otherwise in places where's there no spot/blemishes is smoother i feel.

i dnt know whether it's for the antibiotic or because of the diet i'm maintaining!

as for what i did then,i dint pick them.

i dnt pick actually.

those stayed just as they were for days and i continued following my daily routine as usual.after many days they popped themselves,pus+blood came so all i did is use clean it with a cotton swab n water...(as my derma had mentioned)..because the secretion dry up and block the way.

it took its time n finally they are gone(the swelling took much longer to go away actually..although am not sure u have such huge swellings)

and the marks are really light even though the acne themselves were so dangerous.

also,i feel they are fading fast.

(i use saslic salicylic face wash 1% as cleanser twice a day).

is this my story.

i hope u have got a general idea.

u can ask me anything u like.i hope i'll be able to help.




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