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Good Skin Bad Skin

When my skins good I'm euphoric.

When my skins bad it's not even worth getting out of bed in the morning.

I feel like accutane is this horrible drug that lulls you into a false sense of security until your skin comes back with a vengance

I have just been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and therefore discovered that the two courses of roaccutane I have been on were, in effect, useless and pointless

i really need help


hey, this is a super EASY tip. Try disolving EPSOM SALT (salt of magneseum) in warm water. About 2 tablespoons of salt per cup of water. I have been using this as a toner acutally AFTER i moisturize, because It holds in moisture. After 5 days (of day and night use) my skin is clear of any active acne and red mars are fading and skin looks much brighter and smoother (no mirco bumps.) the reviews for epsom salt on this site are amazing, and you defiently cannot beat the price! it's super cheap and also great for adding to baths to deminish body acne.

<3 hope this helps. It has been a miricle for me.

My routine: when I wake up

1. Was face with a super gentle soap, I'd reccommend Dr. Ohira's Kompuka Soap bar because it has probiotics in it, cleans well, leaves skin soft, but doesn't dry out skin and remove healthy skin oils.

2. I moisturize. EXTRA VIRGIN Coconut oil or Dr. Ohiras Probiotic Moguruku skin lotion (also contains probiotics) and moisturizes super well and I massage either this or the coconut oil into my skin for 1 minute.

3. I have a bowl of my epsom salt water, and I use a cotton ball and wipe the epsom water all over my face.

4. Allow that to dry completely and you may see a white powder on your face (that is just the salt)

5. You can rinse off your face now and only reapply to problem areas, allow to dry and finish make up as usual. (never noticed a problem with the salt residue on face because it is easily wiped off.)


same thing! & it has really changed my skiN!! The epsom salt is most definently what gave my skin the most progress & I know this because I used the soap bar and lotion from Dr. Ohira for months before I tried the epsom salt (nevertheless they are reat products) but don't clear acne all alone with out the epsom salt booster. (also ** Epsom salt help to retain moisture! So it does not dry out skin but it will pull icky stuff out of a zit if you put a semi dissolved pile of it on top of a zit and let it dry) lol

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hey MaycieBabie, where can i get epsom salts from? Ive heard of it being good before. I'm from the UK. I use BioOil to moisturise which works really well for my skin and improves it a little, but i alos use DUAC once daily gel which is prescribed by the doctor so im thinking it will work better than epsom salts?


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