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Day 6



Day 6 - Kinda picked at a spot today, but stopped myself. I was putting on my duac and felt this thing protruding out of my face: its a sebum plug with its head pushing out. I squeezed but that sucker wouldn't come out and a bit of blood started encircling it so I stopped. the plug and the blood is about the size of this period "." but I knew I would do more damage if i kept squeezing till it came out, so I stopped! yay! I'm sure i'm going to squeeze it again tomorrow.. LOL

As for that squeezing I did in the middle of my brow two days ago, it didn't scab or leave a mark :) its just normal haha like it never happened ^^

I also started taking these "zinc for acne" supplements from vitamin world. Its got zinc, vit c, vit b, rosehip, etc etc all that good jazz. It says take two a day, so I take one at lunch and the another at midnight :)

A lot of the scabs have fallen off now. not all, but a lot!

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nvm. spoke too soon. I went to go pee and ended up picking at that spot. I did get it out! as for the damages, on a scale of 1-10, i'd say 4.... I'll report tomorrow what happens to it lol

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