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Low Fibre / Fructans / Fructose April 2013 -



Starting a week or so ago i decided to try a low fibre/fructose/fructans diet jsut to see what would happen. First week has been fucked up by my faggish chocolate binging.

Reasons for / Hypothesis etc

I have been farting a lot, whole gut bacteria connection etc.

Most foods that make me fart are high fibre.

I am basically proposing that there is a link between me fartign and my acne.

Problem is that most foods that make me fart are "healthy" ie veg and maybe some grains.

So i am basically eating a very unhealthy diet - starch [rice], dairy, sugar and meat lol

Unhealthy and unfucking ethical too - forgive me lord.

At firt skin seemed to be clearing up and was better although most likely coincidence, psychosomatic or simply calorie reduction etc.

Last few days has been bad but also coincides with chocolate binge,


if you want to clear your skin, stop eating fructose.

Don't eat gluten-foods as they contain fructose, neither fruits and tables.

You might have FRUCTOSE INTOLERANCE if you keep getting zits when eating chocolates. Search around on the internet for the diet.

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Yeah i've been researching this bs for years now. Fructose/fructans and God knows what. Fruit is good. Fructose is bad. Fibre is good. Fructans are bad. Never ends. Cheers for input anyway,

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