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5 Day Easter Chocolate Binge = Bad Breakout = Numpty



Jesus died for our sins, my sin being eating chocolate ffs.

From the 30th of March to 3rd of April i ate some chocolate every day. During this time i also happened to have just started a low fibre/fructans/fructose experiment so this chocolate related disaster kind of fucked up that too.

In a row i ate:

[30,3,13] 40 grams white chocolate

[31.3,13] 40 grams white chocolate

[1,4,13] 60 grams milk chocolate

[2,4,13] 50 grams milk/white chocolate.

[3,4,13] 50 grams milk/white chocolate

Skin was good first few days with couple of smallish ones on face, usual couple of painful ones in scalp, not much if any active on chest or back.

By the 3rd i noticed one near my nose, by 4th bad pre spot pain and some pre spot redness, i immediately put an end to this chocolate binging.


I started my low fibre/fructans/fructose just over a week ago and i have noticed changed to my bowels so could just be from that.

I was eating mainly rice until the 3rd when i ran out of rice crispies so i had cornflakes instead. Could be corn!

If choclate is guilty, and i have defo noticed association before what is that is leading to breakouts?

Saturated fat? - association noted before


Sugar/ GI etc? - makes sense - but plenty of sugar in diet when clear before etc

Histamine etc?

Something specific to cocoa?

Be a bitch if it is saturated fat because if im goign to keep up this low residue/fibre/fructans/fructose bs i need to be eating something else


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