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I Am No Doctor Or Nurse But I Know A Guaranteed Cure For Cystic Acne And All Acne In General...



Guaranteed cure you need the following:

1. A prescription for Amoxicillin

2. A prescription for Cephalexin

3. A prescription for benzaclin

4. A prescription for topical clindamycin

5. A prescription for tretinoin or Retin-A Micro

The routine:

every hour take two amoxicillin for 15 days

after 15 days take two cephalexin every hour for 15 days (this means you have to find a way to get both prescriptions. I suggest getting an rx for amoxicillin 500mg 3x day from your dermatologist and then in the same breath, get a rx for cephalexin from your primary doctor by stating that you can't get an appointment with your dermatologist for 3-4 months.) I know this is dishonest but its only a small lie with a huge payoff. My theory, after having gone through this process is that the Propionibacterium acnes colonize the host's (you) blood thereby allowing it to relentlessly reproduce itself. While the p.acnes is at work undisturbed, it produces countless blemishes on your face, chest, neck and back. Once the bacteria reaches a certain concentration in the blood, it can only be stopped by massive doses of anti-biotics. Most dermatologists know this but because of the risk of side effects they wont prescribe a curative dose. Through experimentation, I found that the breakouts can be stopped by taking 14 500mg pills of amoxicillin or cephalexin every day for one year. After that, you can go back down to the prescribed dose which is 2 or 3 pills per day.

Some roadblocks you may run into. Insurance only covers one bottle of each antibiotic per month. You actually need two per month to do this. You need two bottles of amoxicillin and two bottles of cephalexin. The antibiotics must be amoxicillin and cephalexin, members of the penicillin family. Antibiotics that wont work: minocycline, doxycycline hyclate, tetracycline and erythromycin. They cause nausea and barely touch P.acnes ruthless ability to reproduce itself. That means two bottles a month must be paid for in cash. You'll end up paying between $8.00-$14.00 per bottle. You'll have to tell various lies, such as, I am going on vacation and need my antibiotics early or simply I lost my pill organizer. I've tried them all and it worked everytime. The antibiotics become like cocaine...you need more and more and you'll do anything to get them. I DON'T DO DRUGS AND DON'T ADVOCATE DRUG USE but I do advocate anti-biotic abuse lmao...it kills bacteria and shuts out its little Fuk fest. I have been doing this regimen for two years and I never hade any side effects. If you try my regimen and get diarrhea try eating yogurt each morning, if that doesn't work, go back to the required as prescribed dose which is about two-three pills per day. If you ever have bloody diarrhea stop all antibiotics and seek medical treatment immediately.

Enough about the antibiotics, onto to the topical meds. My theory is that you must keep the face bathed in antibacterial medications.

In the morning apply a mixture of tretinoin and topical clindamycin. I have recently learned about a new product called Ziana

http://www.ziana.com/ . It is a premixed version of what I just described. My insurance doesn't cover it so I make my own by simply mixing a blop of topical clindamycin and a pea sized amount of topical tretinoin in my palm and apply it liberally to my pimply face. (past tense of course as I am now clear). Wear the Ziana mixture for three hours. Then wash it off with hibiclens or dial anti-bacterial soap. These cleansers decimate acne causing bacteria which is the goal at all times. Then apply the miracle drug benzaclin aka Acanya. If your insurance wont cover even the generic benzaclin that I use simply buy a tube of 5% benzoyl peroxide gel and mix it in your palm with 1% topical clindamycin phosphate. It will be quite drying at first. Almost intolerably drying but stick with it and dont and any oil to the skin and don't over moisturize. All moisturizer must be "oil free" like Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with spf 15-35


At bedtime, choose which mixture to apply overnight. I choose benzaclin because it kills so much bacteria. Tretinoin unclogs pores though and when you mix it with topical clindamycin.

* This post does not include medical advice. I am not a doctor or a nurse. I have no medical training. This regimen is only for the truly desperate who want clear skin. All I can say is it worked for me!


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