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Beginning Roaccutane



Hi there, I have had spots since I was around 14 years old. They started off not too bad however over the last 4 years they did intensify and have started to leave some scaring on my cheek. I went to my GP and after many creams and tablets I was referred to the hospital and they suggested that I start Roaccutane and gave me the side effects which at first did put me off however I eventually realised that something had to be done and it was a risk that I was willing to take. I have been advised to start a 3 month course starting on 30mg daily then it will be reviewed on the 17/04/13.

So here is my blog and my experiences:

Week 1:

Not too much too report. Within a few days I was experiencing a really sore back but it's nothing a few painkillers cant fix haha. I also noticed that my lips got worse each day until the point that it hurts to open my mouth wide. I'm using Vaseline every hour but it seems to not help. Anything better that I could try? My face is slightly dry but since I started moisturising the dry skin has reduced. The only other problem is that my nose has lots of bloody bits in it.

Attached is my picture when I started Roaccutane. I'll update this whenever I can :)blogentry-206100-0-93243900-1365121996_tblogentry-206100-0-07636100-1365122114_tblogentry-206100-0-29595000-1365122248_t